The prime objective of GUK is to develop and enhance the existing socio-economic conditions of the targeted beneficiaries through utilization of their own resources and leveraging resources from outside along with financial and technical assistance of local stakeholders, donors & partners.

The specific objectives are:

  • Provide integrated microfinance support to the ultra poor & poor community people for  poverty alleviation and employment creation.
  • Provide comprehensive health care support to the community people for total family health development.
  • Provide low cost eye care services to the poor community people through GUK Eye Hospital.
  • Provide solar power facilities to the households out of national electricity coverage.
  • Provide low cost quality education for the drop-out & non-school going children with a cost sharing methodology through GUK Shishu Bikash Education Program to create ownership of the parents towards the learning centers.
  • Increase awareness on small family norm by adapting family planning methods.
  • Provide agriculture, livestock and agro machineries loan to the farmers under SMAP project for increasing productivity of high value crops and livestock development.
  • Develop cross breed heifers/male calves for establishing mini dairy farms at community level.
  • Provide adolescent reproductive health care & safe motherhood related services.
  • Enhance community resilience to climate change risks reduction through adaptation of appropriate interventions.
  • Increase mass awareness for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and STDs.
  • Mass awareness on socio-economic & human resource development.
  • Mobilize of local resources & generation of savings by the ultra poor community people for their economic emancipation.
  • Provide skill development training and technical support to the targeted people for undertaking income generating activities.
  • Financial support for micro & small enterprise development of the targeted groups.
  • Increase awareness on gender disparity & women empowerment.
  • Improve health condition and promote the nutritional status of the Poor.
  • Facilitate to enhance social peace and justice.
  • Implement Relief and Rehabilitation works for disaster victims.
  • Encourage bottom up participatory planning with beneficiaries for effective implementation of project/program activities.
  • Extend legal aid support to protect women and children rights against violence & combat trafficking in women & children.
  • Ensure safe water and sanitation in rural poor communities.
  • Facilitate good governance at all levels emphasizing at organizational level.
  • Conduct research studies for undertaking sustainable & model activities.