The Executive Committee (EC):

The Executive committee of GUK is elected by the members of the general committee for a period of 3 years. It consists of 7 members. The Executive committee is responsible for management, administration, policy making and implementation of all projects activities of the organization. The EC is the sole authority to undertake and execute development programs of the organization. The Executive Director is empowered by the executive committee to undertake and carry out all development activities of the organization. He also acts as the general secretary of the Executive Committee and responsible for maintaining liaison with government agencies, donors, counterpart organizations and other development partners. The EC meets quarterly and more if necessary. The following table provides detailed information about the members of the executive committee of GUK


The General Committee (GC):

The general committee is the highest body of GUK. The general committee of GUK consists of 21 members from different occupations and professions. The GC is the supreme body to approve annual budgets, policies, decisions and rules & regulations. The GC meets once in a year but more if necessary.

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