Enhancing Resources & Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards elimination of their poverty (ENRICH) Program:
GUK started implementing ENRICH Program from April 2012 with the financial and technical assistance of PKSF & GUK own fund in Gabtali union under Gabtali upazilla & Sariakandi union under Sariakandi upazilla of Bogra district with a mission to uplift the overall socio-economic status of the poor & ultra poor households through integrated development approaches.

Goal of the Program:
Enhancing resources and socio economic resilience of the targeted households in the program area.

Objectives of the Program:
The main objectives of the Program are as follows:
 Selection of targeted project participants through household survey.
 Promote health care services to the household beneficiaries through collecting health information & providing health services by holding static and satellite clinics. The health services include antenatal care, postnatal care, neonatal care, mother & child care, adolescent reproductive & adult health care.
 Assist education Program by opening village based schools for the school going children of the poor and ultra poor people who can’t afford extra support for coaching their children due to poverty and ultimately many of their school going children drop out from schools as a result of poor performance in their schools. This type of coaching assistance for proper learning of those children beyond school hour helps the children learn more & more and it retards the dropout rate of school going children.
 Youth development Program is another intervention through which ENRICH supports the youth in getting employment opportunity by undergoing special technical trade based training and linking the youth with different companies, farms & institutions by arranging job fair.
 Installation of improved cook stoves and solar panel at household level is another intervention for mitigation of carbon emission, cost effective use of fire woods & good for health & hygiene.
 Infrastructure development of public utilities like latrines, tube-wells, culverts etc. is another intervention of ENRICH Program for supply of safe drinking water, proper sanitation and better communication.
 Plantation of medicinal plants like Bashok on both sides of roads and at household level fallow land of participants is also an activity by the poor project participants to earn extra income by selling Bashok leaves through value chain and market linkage.
 Special savings mobilization by the women headed and disabled project participants is also an intervention through which the targeted project participants can start small IGAs for income generation.
 Loan support to project participants under ENRICH Program is another important activity for undertaking suitable IGAs by the project participants.

Implemented activities during 2014-2015: