Business Plan

Business Plan:

As a routine work GUK prepares its five year business plan on the basis of targeted activities of different components under different projects programs for smooth and efficient running of activities within the stipulate time. The senior management body of GUK is responsible for preparation of the business plan which is letter on reviewed by the Executive Committee of GUK for finalization and execution by the different heads of units. The business plan is prepared following SWOT analysis and on the basis of yearly plan & budget. To accomplish the targeted activities as per plan of operation the management authority regularly reviews and conducts budget variance analysis as and when necessary for adjustment and proper utilization of fund as per work plan and if necessary makes readjustment of budget through supplementary revised budget.

GUK  has planned to achieve the following Targets for the period 2015-16
1  No. of District 14
2  No. of Upazila 80
3  No. of Total Staff 1588
4  No. of Branch 186
5  No. of Member 250222
6  No. of Borrower 225200
7  Loan disbursement 7351993000
8  Loan Outstanding 3675996514
9  Savings Collection 974761195
10  Savings Balance 1102798955
11  Net Surplus 301262075


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